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Client: Mystic Aquarium
Director: Kaya Sanan
Production: Sanan Media
Date: 2000

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A 4000x3000 pixel CG image was used as the background in an interactive exhibit created for the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut.

The goal of this interactive was to find the Titanic by navigating your submersible (Jason) and determining your position by triangulating your distance from three transponders (yellow spheres) located on the ocean floor.

Included here is a low-resolution frame of the full image, and a detail showing the Titanic section. What's that round object to the left of the Titanic? (Hint: It's one of the many items in Titanic's debris field.)

Much credit goes to Kaya Sanan, not only for the great concept, but also for programming the display.