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Jaguar - Snow Tracks
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Client: Jaguar
Agency: Y&R
Post: Liquid Light/Version 2
Date: 2001

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AFCG was brought in by Liquid Light/Version 2 to create CG tire tracks being left in the snow by the new Jaguar X type. The artists at Version 2 did a beautiful job adding snow to the original film footage of a clean mountain road. This footage was then forwarded to AFCG where it was motion tracked using RasTrack. Snow tracks and snow spray were then modeled, animated, rendered and composited using Houdini.

Included here are (2 frames each); the original live action plate, the live action plate with snow added by Liquid Light, the final approved version with tire tracks and snow spray added by AFCG, and the final "AFCG approved" version.

Special thanks to Frank, Amber, and Lin at Version 2.