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Client: HLTV (HealthiNation)
Animation: Floyd Gillis
Date: February 2006

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In early February of 2006 AFCG was approached by Karen Stewart of Flicker Lab to bid on the creation of several CG animations for a new web-based medical information site called Health Life TV, (now HealthiNation).

After receiving approval for the overall design and budget in early March, AFCG began production on 9 separate segments totaling almost 7 minutes in length. All nine segments for the first phase of the HealthiNation project were completed and delivered by the end of April, 2006.

Included here are two early animations created by AFCG to establish the "look and feel" of all animations in the series.

Special thanks to Karen Stewart and Brendan Anderer for helping make this project a success and a pleasure to work on.

Visit the HealthiNation web site.