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Tagamet Liquid - HB 200
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Client: Smithkline Beecham Consumer Brands
Agency: Jordan, McGrath, Case & Partners
Director: Alex Fernbach
Production: Arf & Co./PAWS
Post: Black Logic
Date: 2000

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Arf & Co. shot motion control passes of the backgrounds and spoon. AFCG camera-tracked the live action passes and created the finger, tablets and liquids.

The finger was created in CG by using a simple capped tube with a projected still frame of a live-action finger as a texture map.

In the end, AFCG also replaced the live action spoon with a CG spoon using a still frame of the spoon as a texture map on a 3D model. All elements, including shadows and reflections were created in CG.

The only live-action element used in the final composited scenes were the clean background passes.

Special thanks to Alex and Andrew at ARF & Co. and especially to Peter Cohen and Gene Case at JMCP.