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Palmolive - Bottle Replacement
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Client: Colgate-Palmolive Company
Post: Black Logic
Date: 1997

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A great example of a successful product replacement project.

Months after the original commercial was aired, Colgate-Palmolive came out with a smaller bottle of their Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid. The agency asked us to take the original footage, remove the large Palmolive bottle, and replace it with the newer, smaller one.

Much credit goes to the talented digital artists at Black Logic who first had to paint out most of the original larger bottle and replace it with a cleaned up version of the background wall.

AFCG then created a photorealistic CG version of the new bottle and matched it with the lighting and motion of the original film footage. Much attention was lavished on the motion of the liquid within the bottle and on the different refractive characteristics of a thick colored liquid and a thin plastic surface.

AFCG then composited the CG bottle over the revised footage.

The last step was for the digital artists at Black Logic to restore the women's fingers back over the CG bottle.