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Nissan - Snow Angel
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Client: Nissan
Agency: Chiat Day
Post: Black Logic
Date: 1996

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This effect was originally created by a company using a large table top model with a motion control camera. AFCG ended up being asked to replace the existing "snow angel" and to add a Nissan truck plowing around as if it were carving the giant angel out of the snow.

We started by using several frames from the original motion control shoot as texture maps for a nested zoom. We then replaced the existing snow angel with our CG version and composited it over the new motion. The truck was simply an overhead still frame that was texture mapped to a grid and animated over the surface of the snow.

CG tire tracks and partical system sprays of snow were added to integrate the truck into the environment.

Also included here is a still frame from an AFCG generated snowstorm. The Nissan logo in the foreground is a live action film element.