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Nauticus - Battleship X
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Client: The National Maritime Center - Nauticus
Director of Nauticus: Richard Conti
Curator, Historical Research: David Kohnen
Director: Kaya Sanan
Production: Sanan Media
Animators: Floyd Gillis, Steve Burger
Date: 2001

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In April of 2001 AFCG completed production of approximately 12 minutes of animated battleship simulations for The National Maritime Center/Nauticus, located in Norfolk, Virginia.

The simulations were created for the interactive theatre exhibit "Battleship X", which challenges audience members with the task of designing a new class of battleship for the United States Navy of the early 1940's.

After a brief overview of the relevant historical events leading up to the need for a newer, more powerful battleship, audience members are advised by "naval experts" on the pros and cons of various design parameters they will be asked to choose from.

During the first phase of the design process the audience makes decisions regarding the Displacement, Endurance and Dimensions of their new battleship.

During the second phase of the design process the audience makes decisions regarding Weapons, Armor and Speed.

During the third and final phase of the design process the audience makes decisions regarding Anti-Aircraft Weapons and a possible conversion of the battleship to an Aircraft Carrier.

Before the completion of each phase the audience is shown animated simulations of their battleship design, highlighting the succcess or failure of their chosen options.

Select any of the links below to view still frames and some of the animations AFCG created for different phases of this project.

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Bismarck Sequences
Yamato Sequences
Pre-Launch Build

Special thanks to Director Kaya Sanan of Sanan Media for all his hard work in making this project a success.

For further information, please visit:

The National Maritime Center - Nauticus
Sanan Media