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Mystic Aquarium - Sea Floor
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Client: Mystic Aquarium
Director: Kaya Sanan
Production: Sanan Media
Date: 1998 - 1999

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A four minute animation featuring the "Ring of Fire" chain of mountains, faults, and canyons found on the sea floor of the earth.

Global elevation data was aquired from the NOAA Satelite and Information Services and converted by AFCG into data compatible with our animation software and wrapped onto a sphere.

Because of the massive amount of 3D data, special software was written by AFCG to extract only the area of sea floor that was needed for rendering on a frame by frame basis.

The final animation was rear-projected onto a 10 foot diameter circular screen embedded in the floor of the main exhibit hall at the Mystic Aquarium.

Special thanks to Kaya Sanan.