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Client: Hasbro Toys
Agency: Griffin Bacall
Producer: Lloyd Goldfine
Producer: Danny Leiner
Production: Firehouse Films
Post: Black Logic
Date: 1995

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A boy in the street cheers on his Transformer buddies, (FireFlight, AirRaid, SkyDive, SlingShot & SilverBolt), as they buzz by close overhead.

The formation of five jets sweeps around as Silverbolt transforms in mid-air and lands heavily in the street in robot form. Silverbolt cracks up the pavement and shakes up the neighbourhood.

Superion, (formed by the five jets), guards the neighbourhood with Bruticus, (formed from Blastoff, Brawl, Onslaught, Swindle and Vortex), spread in pieces in the street below him. WATCH OUT SUPERION! Bruticus gets his act together!

Bruticus and Superion go at it big time on the streets of North Vancouver.

The full resolution video of this animation has been lost. However, someone has posted a low resolution version of the whole commercial at... You Tube: Aerial Bots.