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Campbell's Soup - Warm Up
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Client: Campbell's Soup Company
Agency: BBDO, New York
Director: Tom De Cerchio
Production: Nitro Films
Visual Effects: Black Logic
Date: 1998

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The short story of this commercial is that... even world champion skaters like Tara Lipinski, Michelle Kwan and Nicole Bobek get cold when they're on the ice practicing for hours on end. That's why they love Campbell's soup. It really warms them up. So much that it even melts the ice in the rink.

Except for the three skaters, everything below the outermost blue fabric railing is computer generated.

Much credit goes to Michel Suissa for creative direction, and the digital artists at Black Logic for some great green screen work and composite effects.

Also included here are a couple of stll frames from the original footage shot at the ice rink in Pasadena.

Because the CG elements had to track to a moving (and shaky) crane shot, we placed black markers over the ice at measured intervals. These gave us great tracking guides for later use with "RasTrack"... tracking software from Hammerhead.