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Black Flag - Roaches
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Director: Bill Feigenbaum
Production: Bill Feigenbaum Productions
Date: 1993

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Still frames and a short snippet from Black Flag commercials for "Roach Ender" and "Ant and Roach Killer".

Even though our production studios were in the middle of Manhattan, we decided to purchase a couple dozen cockroaches from Carolina Biological Supply to use as live reference.

When tranferring the cockroaches from their small delivery container into a large clearer one, the container fell. Sensing their big break the cockroaches ran for their lives. With bugs skittering in all directions throughout the studio we frantically scrambled around trapping as many as possible under paper cups. Only a few escaped.

Weeks later, after the project was complete, we took the remaining cockroaches outside and let them go on the sidewalk outside our studio.

It's a little known fact that some of the biggest cockroaches on the Broadway stage today got their start in a little Black Flag commercial on West 57th Street.